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Sukis Short Summer Ken Ninomiya

Sukis Short Summer

Ken Ninomiya

Published August 1st 2014
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 About the Book 

Suki’s summer plans of a great vacation are instantly changed when her father loses his job but learns the importance of family and budgeting during her shortest summer ever. Young readers will learn about the changes that life brings while understanding the concept of budgeting and the importance of family unity. This book is part of the BizEBunch books that help children ages 7 to 14 Read, Learn and Do about life, family and business. BizEBunch.com provides a series of books, activities and lessons that help to inspire and educate children about life, family and business.During the Suki spend time with her daddy and he explains the value of earning money from work that help to buy things in the house like clothes, toys and even fun vacations. Suki loves being with her daddy and she was happy that he was with her. Suki comes up with ideas to save money for the family and helps to understand the family budget.This EBook also includes a short story about Suki developing her own craft stand to earn money to buy a dress that she likes. In this story Sukis learns about basic business concepts and successfully open a craft shop.