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The Golden Grapes Kimberly Bennett-Zizzi

The Golden Grapes

Kimberly Bennett-Zizzi

Published December 22nd 2008
ISBN : 9781607036340
238 pages
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 About the Book 

With a twisted lip and narrowed eyes, Queen Norma whispered, aNorman, we have not seen one suitor in years approach us for Normandyas hand in marriage, and you know who is responsible for this.a aHush now, dear, do not let us speak so loudly ofaa the king glanced furtively around the room and then said quickly and quietly to his queen, aRon. Normandy mustnat ever know, and at least the kingdom is provided with plenty of sheep and goats.a Even though the King and Queen of Nor used hushed tones, their daughter, Princess Normandy, still overheard them. Normandyas curiosity piqued- who was Ron? Normandy had a very vivid imagination and believed that magic once existed in her kingdom, even though nothing out of the ordinary happened. Little does she know that her search for Ron starts an extraordinary journeyaone that threatens not only her family, but the entire kingdom.