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Discipline Me Right Mary Simmons

Discipline Me Right

Mary Simmons

Published July 5th 2009
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 About the Book 

In America today, 40 percent of parents have no idea what to do with their children when they misbehave. Discipline Me Right is the tool parents need to properly discipline their children. When Mary Simmons polled her high school classes to find out what they thought was the most important commandment of parenting, the evidence was overwhelming: children (even teenagers) crave appropriate, consistent discipline. As a parent and a teacher, Mary Simmons brings her expertise to a book that all parents can learn from. Learn to:Increase respectBuild trustSet and enforce rulesUse appropriate rewards and privilegesDeal with temper tantrumsMany parents, too afraid of being politically incorrect, fail to provide children with the discipline they need and want. Mary Simmons advocates for parents to step up and reclaim their parental authority. Being firm and consistent with your children will not only teach them to behave but also reassure them that you love them something every parent wants his child to know.