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Dead Girl Mark Boss

Dead Girl

Mark Boss

Kindle Edition
190 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

An undiagnosed brain tumor sends sixteen-year-old Dahlia Grove into a coma in Our World. But she wakes up in the Shadow Lands--a parallel universe where diseases take physical form as vicious monsters, and packs of feral children battle for survival in a haunted city.In the Shadow Lands, she must hunt down her tumor and destroy it before it kills her in Our World. Dahlia finds allies in a sleepy-eyed swordsman fighting to protect his tribe, and a handsome ghost struggling to regain his humanity. But when a mysterious witch leads an army of cannibals to conquer the city, she must choose between saving her friends and saving herself.If she fails, she dies. DEAD GIRL.Continue the adventure in DEAD GIRL 2: FADER BOY.