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The Green CEO Lynn Vanleeuwen

The Green CEO

Lynn Vanleeuwen

Published March 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780982786802
256 pages
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 About the Book 

Company-wide sustainability? Sure But how? Sustainability is as important for your people and your profits as it is for the environment. This triple-bottom-line view of business success is embraced by innovative and successful companies of all sizes around the world. But introducing sustainability across the board can feel overwhelming, and even risky. Where do you start? What measures will have the greatest impact? The solution is a system. Systainership is an innovative leadership system that helps you put all the pieces together. Whether you want to take on a company-wide renovation of your practices, or pick and choose based on your needs, Systainership lays out the how, what, and when. Now you can confidently guide your company to ever higher levels of profitability while supporting both people and the planet. Youll learn to systemize your leadership for sustainability: financial, social, and environmental. Other areas in this book include how to: get out of overwhelm mode and focus attention on what matters most: simplify complex relationships between people, processes, products and profits: create a resilient and flexible organization: and increase transparency to reduce barriers and build loyal relationships. This book will help you to conduct a breakthrough initiative in sustainability leadership that will build lasting value for your stakeholders.